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* Do you know what a DNS HINFO record is?

Suggested article: What is a HINFO record?

"HINFO" is an abbreviation for "Host Information Record." It indicates a host's hardware and operating system. Application protocols (such as FTP) frequently use this DNS record type to communicate with computers with specified CPU and operating system categories. However, these records are infrequently utilized on public servers for security purposes.

The HINFO record contains the five elements. The first one is the name of the host, for example, The second one is the type, so in this case, it is HINFO. Then we have the TTL or time-to-live value. The second-to-last element is the CPU. So, this is a description of the fundamental system hardware—the identifiable name of the host's CPU. And the last one is the OS. Here, the host operating system (OS) name must be entered.

The HINFO contains host-specific data. It's a form of DNS record that isn't widely used but can be highly beneficial to your company.

In case you are interested, and you want to learn more, we suggest you find out more about the purpose of the HINFO record!